“A fresh set of eyes can often see familiar things more clearly.”

Koffman TopSpin:
An artful and unexpected twist employing positive action that is incorporated into a solution of a specific business challenge that rapidly leads to upbeat and profitable forward momentum and ultimately to greater business success.

As I see it, while the target audience will vary, essentially, all businesses have a series of specific elements in common:
• a focus on specific product/s and/or service/s
• day-to-day operations
• sales
• marketing
• advertising
• merchandising
• branding

The TopSpin Process begins with a FREE No Obligation TopSpin Consultation – a fast-paced, broad stroke overview (of the points above) about your business.
• You tell me about your business
• We identify a specific problematic aspect of your business to be addressed
• I ask a series of analytical, pragmatic questions
• I listen to your responses
• I formulate a logical specific solution to this specific problem for you and your business

By the end of this FREE No Obligation
TopSpin Consultation, I will leave you with a very specific and positive action that will move you past your business problem and on to greater business success.

Yes, of course, I do offer my services to you at the end of my first consultation to implement my suggestion/s and I also would be pleased to schedule another consultation to help you delve deeper into any/all other business issues you are concerned about. Fees are then discussed.

Future TopSpin consultations can put the focus where you choose. We can review your specific product/s or service/s, your day-to-day operations, your sales efforts, marketing, advertising, merchandising and branding . . . whatever you would like to focus on.

Again, my services are available to you for implementation of any/all suggestions we arrive at.

It is my goal to reactivate your original enthusiasm for your business and to have a positive effect on your bottom line.

In this crazy market, every business can use a