"Today Camano Island, Tomorrow the World!"

In January of 2010, I began presenting my TopSpin message to general meetings of Chambers of Commerce.

Like any "self-respecting" ripple, I started right in my own backyard on Camano Island . . . then, in February, to nearby Stanwood.

In late February, I spoke to the Marysville-Tulalip Chamber which coincided with the preview of a feature story about me in the Snohomish County Business Journal. You can view this article on this website in the NEWS section.

This just in from the Marysville-Tulalip Chamber of Commerce about my TopSpin Presentation:


“Inspiring, invigorating, and innovative … Dan Koffman’s fast-paced humor, insight and message reshapes audiences’ traditional marketing concepts taking them boldly where no man has gone before. This man does not just walk his talk, he leaps, bounds and cartwheels his talk producing excitement in the audience … and immediate measurable market growth for his clients.”  
Caldie Rogers, President/CEO, Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce


Next up will be Central Whidbey Island Chamber.

I'm convinced, now, more than ever, that it is time for my message to be told . . . Right Now!!! Businesses (in particular small and medium sized) need to hear some good news. They need to be re-inspired and encouraged to re-ignite their enthusiasm for their business and their original visions for success. No one is coming to save us . . . it's up to each business person to become the Good News that they are longing for!

Watch this site for updates on future speaking engagements.

I welcome the opportunity to speak to groups of businesspeople.

My presentation (which can be time-tailored to fit your program) is entitled "Being UPBEAT in today’s market . . . How to Put a
TopSpin on Your Business".

As I see it, while the target audience will vary
, essentially, all businesses have a series of specific elements in common: first there is a focus on specific product/s and/or service/s, then day-to-day operations, sales, marketing, advertising, merchandising and branding.

My comments and suggestions are extremely fun, pragmatic, helpful, broad and timely for today's business realities.

In short, I open the flood gates of possibilities for businesspeople by utilizing my broad range of entrepreneurial experiences "and "quick-sketch verbal responses" to put a positive UpBeat TopSpin on peoples current businesses and business plans.

In closing, my FREE No Obligation TopSpin Consultation is offered to all attendees. Appointments can be conveniently scheduled either at their offices or at my studio on Camano Island.

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