Dan Koffman is a longtime, international entrepreneur with a unique background in virtually all aspects of business.

Throughout his more than 45 year career as a successful graphic and commercial artist, product designer and marketer of consumer products, and fine artist, Koffman has remained dedicated to a career not limited to “staying within the lines”.

For over 20 years (between 1970-1990 for his own company – Bibi Products Company, sold to Jobar International in 1985), he applied his artistic style and “Art with a Smile” philosophy to a broad range of over 1000 internationally marketed consumer products until relocating to the Monterey Peninsula and establishing an international advertising agency, Bottomline Communications, in 1990.

Dozens of corporations such as Honeywell, Diners Club, Libbey Glass, Toshiba and financial institutions have commissioned him to create totally unique works of art for many applications, injecting an unexpected and humorous twist into otherwise traditional marketing, merchandising and advertising campaigns.

“I opened Koffman Gallery in Monterey, California in 1999 with a both a focus on artwork that celebrates people’s passions as well as for broad corporate applications. We relocated to Camano Island, Washington in 2006.”

In 2007, Koffman focused his artistic marketing skills on a unique project: Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors© book series for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Koffman taps his unique, broad business background to deliver his
TopSpin message.

Dan Koffman is a Business
TopSpin Specialist. Experienced, creative and professional.

Learn more about Dan Koffman by visiting his various websites:

www.simplepleasuresbooks.com for his book series designed especially for people with memory loss.

www.artwithasmile.com for his art that celebrates people’s passions.

www.peaceflag.org for details on his Flag of Peace and Freedom efforts.

www.themanandtheelephant.com for the story on his artistic collaborations with Lisa the Elephant and their goal of focusing attention on man’s relationship and responsibility to animals and to our planet.

www.goldenruleactivist.com for the story on his project to draw attention to the universal message of the Golden Rule.